Sr Freda Verner, Practice Midwife and Dr Hutchinson run the Ante-natal clinic each Tuesday morning at 9.30 AM.

During your pregnancy you will usually have between seven and ten antenatal appointments depending on whether it is your first pregnancy. Women with complicated pregnancies or who are expecting multiple babies may need additional appointments.

Each antenatal appointment should have a specific purpose as well as an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or ask any questions you might have. You should bring a fresh urine sample to each appointment.

There are certain tests that you will have at every antenatal appointment in order to monitor your health and the development of your baby.

These include:

  • measuring the size of your uterus
  • checking your blood pressure and test your urine
  • discussing whooping cough and flu vaccinations
  • Discussing your baby’s movements

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Please book your post-natal examination 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.

Childhood Immunisation Clinic

Immunisation prepares the body to fight serious infections that might happen in the future. Young babies are very vulnerable to infections, so they need to be protected as early as possible. Your child needs several different vaccines to be fully protected, so it’s important to complete their childhood immunisation programme

During the Childhood Immunisation Programme in Northern Ireland, a baby usually has its first vaccination at 8 weeks old. This will be given at the GP surgery.

Heidi Knox runs our Childhood Immunisation Clinic at 10.30 AM on Tuesday mornings. Parents and guardians will receive appointments to bring their child to the clinic. Please arrive before 11.15 AM unless you are attending for a pre school booster which are scheduled at the end of the baby clinic.

When babies and children get the vaccination

The immunisation programme gives vaccines to babies and children at different ages. Routine immunisation for babies begins when they’re two months old. Your child needs several vaccines to protect them from infections, so it’s important to complete their immunisation programme. Please click here for further information: Routine_childhood_imm

Red Book – Personal Child Health Record (PCHR)

The PCHR, also known as the Red Book, is given to every mother following the birth of her baby. Parents are requested to bring this book with them to all appointments at the Baby Clinic.

Our Health Visitor, Kathy Beveridge will visit you at home when your baby is 10 to 14 days old and Kathy can be contacted on 028 91 515374. You can read further information re Health Visiting Services here: HEALTH VISITOR 

Community Baby Clinic  

Community Suite, Bangor Health Centre – Monday 14:00 PM to 15:30 PM

Facility to self -weigh baby. Public Health Nurse available for advice on feeding, vaccination etc.

Diabetes        Clinic

Dr Jackson and Sr Smyth run a Diabetes Clinic on the first Tuesday of every month.

This is an “appointment only” clinic and patients will be contacted by the practice when they are due a review appointment.

We are fortunate to have a multidisciplinary team present, with a dietician and podiatrist working alongside our doctor and nurse.  Patients will not have to see all members of the team at every visit.

You will be asked to attend for blood monitoring tests in advance of your appointment. It is important that the results of these tests are available on the day of your appointment so that the doctor has up to date information available at your consultation.

Please make every effort to attend for diabetic blood tests before your appointment.

 Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

The Northern Ireland Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DESP) aims to reduce the risk of sight loss by the early detection and treatment of diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy. The team visit the practice once a year to provide screening for our patients. Letters of invitation will be sent out from the DESP team and they will arrange onward referral to ophthalmology team if indicated.

Please click here for further information: DESP PT INFORMATION

Asthma and COPD Clinics

Patients notified for clinic, although appointments can be arranged with Nurse Sharon Smyth.

Weight Management Clinic

For the Weight Management Clinic information and advice is available via an appointment with Nurse Sharon Smyth.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

For the Smoking Cessation Clinic information and advice is available. A referral can be arranged by speaking to our reception staff.

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