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Changes to morning call system

//Changes to morning call system


We are changing morning call time, currently between 11.30 and 12:15 and introducing a call back system. Phone calls will now be booked into our Doctor’s schedule in the same way as appointments. We hope this will address problems patients experience getting through on the phone at call time.

Telephone appointments for urgent advice can be booked each day before 10:00 am via reception. You will be asked to provide a contact number and a short description of the reason for your call.

Same day requests to speak with a Doctor cannot be made with a named Doctor and the first Doctor available will return your call.

Non urgent requests for telephone advice, with a named GP, can be booked up to 3 days in advance, depending on availability.

The doctors will call you back when they are free. We cannot specify the time to expect the call back as surgery may run late or there may be urgent home visit requests etc. The doctors can only make one call to you so please keep your phones free.

The new system is designed to increase telephone access, but please note appointments will quickly fill up if demand exceeds availability. For this service to be successful, we need to carefully manage the demand for telephone calls and appreciate  your co-operation.

AFTERNOON Emergency Call Time:

There are no changes being made to afternoon call time.

Afternoon call time for emergencies remains between 2:00pm & 2:30 pm