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The Treatment Room & Blood Clinic in Bangor Health Centre are under the control of the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust. Sr Eleanor Mitchell is the treatment room sister in charge.

Treatment Room Opening Times:

MORNING                08:30 to 12:45

AFTERNOON           14:00 to 16:30

Please note between 08:30 – 09:00 patients may only attend for bloods tests.

If you are attending the treatment room for the first time please collect a set of labels from our reception team.

Ear Syringing and Vaccinations are strictly by appointment only and to arrange an appointment please phone the treatment room nurses on 028 91 515254.

The treatment room provides special arrangements for patients who need blood monitoring due to Chemotherapy treatment. Please contact the team on 028 91 515254 to arrange your appointment.

If a child needs bloods taken, contact the treatment room on 028 91 515254 and the team will arrange an appointment.

Blood Clinic (located in the Community Suite) Opening Times:

MONDAY TO FRIDAY MORNING        08:30 to 12:45


Patients requiring blood pressure checks can attend the Blood Clinic for this service.  Please make sure to bring your treatment room slip.

*IMPORTANT* only patients aged over 16 years of age can attend the blood clinic.