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The practice operates an appointment system for all surgeries. These appointments are arranged with the receptionist for a Doctor or Nurse of your choice but if you want to be seen quickly you may have to accept whichever Doctor or Nurse who is available.

In urgent cases patients will always be seen at short notice but this may result in delays for those waiting and those who have an appointment.

To ensure smooth running without unnecessary delays, please try to remember to make an appointment for each person to be seen; i.e. one patient = one appointment.

Always try to inform the surgery as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment so it can be given to another patient.

Routine Appointments with a GP

A routine GP appointment is scheduled to last 10 minutes and is designed to deal with 1 problem.

To allow the best possible care to be delivered, we stipulate that patients do not store up a list of problems and present these all at once to the GP.

It is possible that our GP’s can manage several problems within the standard 10 minute appointment time, but multiple issues that may be complicated or require extra time and examinations, often means patient appointments following your own start late. This leads to a situation of frustration for other patients who are waiting to be seen, or have specific time slots booked for treatments such as minor surgery.

We remind our patients to be mindful of others and respect the 10 minute time slots.

Every individual is different. If it is felt that you will require more time, your GP may request that you book a second appointment to allow appropriate time to consider your unique medical issues.


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Abbey Family Practice is based within Bangor Health Centre on the Newtownards Road in Bangor, Co. Down. Conveniently located beside Bangor Abbey , we are a friendly and welcoming medical practice and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of care to all of our patients.