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Requesting prescriptions early or for longer duration than normal

If you need your prescription issued very early or for a longer duration than usual because you are going on holiday, please explain your request to a receptionist who will pass the information to the doctor. Usually we do not issue prescriptions more than 10 days before they are due and the maximum supply that can be issued at any one time is for 3 months.  Please phone back and check the prescription has been issued before you call to the surgery to collect it.

Other ways to obtain your medication

Several local pharmacies collect prescriptions from us on a daily basis and will then prepare them ready for you to collect at your convenience or, in some cases, will deliver them to you. Ask your pharmacy or our receptionist for details.

If you prefer your prescription posted to you, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your request and remember to allow time for the postal service.

Please remember

  • All routine prescription requests take 2 full working days to process
  • The doctor or pharmacist may want to speak to you before issuing a prescription
  • We will usually only issue up to 3 month’s medication at a time
  • Repeat prescriptions for HRT or the contraceptive pill are usually issued as a 3-6 month supply and an annual health check is required to re-authorise your prescription. If you run out before you can get an appointment for your annual health check you can order a 1 month emergency supply.
  • Blood monitoring tests are required at frequent intervals for many medications.  The doctors cannot safely issue medication if you have not attended for the appropriate tests. For example, patients prescribed Warfarin need to attend for INR test before their medication can be issued.
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