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The below attachment lists fees for commonly requested private services. To request a private letter, report or certificate please download and complete the request section of the form and return to reception. Please note it may take up to 28 days to complete non-nhs paperwork.


Examples of non-HSC services for which GPs can charge their own HSC patients:

  • accident or sickness certificates for insurance purposes
  • school fee and holiday insurance certificates
  • reports for health clubs to certify that patients are fit to exercise

Do GPs have to do non-HSC work for their patients?

With certain limited exceptions, for example a GP confirming that one of their patients is not fit for jury service, GPs do not have to carry out non-HSC work on behalf of their patients. Whilst GPs will always attempt to assist their patients with the completion of forms, for example for insurance purposes, they are not required to do such non-HSC work.

Is it true that the BMA sets fees for non-HSC work?

The BMA suggest fees that GPs may charge their patients for non-HSC work (i.e. work not covered under their contract with the HSC) in order to help GP’s set their own professional fees. However, the fees suggested by the BMA are intended for guidance only; they are not recommendations and a doctor is not obliged to charge the rates the BMA suggest.

Why does it sometimes take my GP a long time to complete my form?

Time spent completing forms and preparing reports takes the GP away from the medical care of his or her patients. Most GPs have a very heavy workload and paperwork comes secondary to surgery consultations, home visits etc. and is restricted to times when there is capacity in the day to complete.

I only need the doctor’s signature – what is the problem?

When a doctor signs a certificate, or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true.

In order to complete even the simplest of forms, therefore, the doctor might have to check the patient’s entire medical record. Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the doctor with the General Medical Council (the doctors’ regulatory body) or even the Police. That’s why the fee may seem a lot for a signature – it may take a considerable amount of time for the doctor to make the necessary checks before signing a document.

How long will it take for my form to be completed?

You may have to wait up to 28 days for the doctor to find time to complete a form or report for you as this depends on other pressures and priorities.

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