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This year we are facing the double threat of COVID-19 and influenza. Early studies show that for some people with both COVID-19 and flu virus there is an increased risk of complications. Currently there is no vaccine against COVID-19 making it more important than ever to be sure to get the flu vaccine this year.

  • Eligible patients will receive an appointment by post. Please note we have much less flexibility to arrange catch up clinics this year so please try to attend your assigned appointment slot.
  • You should contact our reception team at the end of October if you do not receive an appointment and believe you should get the vaccination.
  • If you do have a question regarding flu vaccinations please phone in the afternoon as phone lines are very busy each morning.

It would be really helpful if you would:

  • Please arrive at your exact appointment time and come alone unless you need assistance.
  • Please remember that the consent form on the back of your appointment letter must be completed before attending and must be brought to your appointment.
  • Please remember to wear a face covering and only attend if you are feeling well.
  • Please maintain social distancing as advised by our staff on the understanding that we are operating a socially distanced queuing system and strict infection control measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19.
  • It is very important to wear loose clothing to expose upper arm for vaccination as this will help us move quickly and vaccinate more patients in a timely manner.

Click HERE for more information about flu vaccinations and click HERE for translations.

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