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If you feel that your problem or condition requires an urgent consultation with a GP, you may call and request an emergency appointment.

All requests for emergency appointments will be triaged on a daily basis and a decision made whether an emergency GP appointment is suitable. It may in fact be better for you to present to your local hospital A&E department, but our GPs will advise if they think this is needed.

Again, we would ask our patients to be mindful of others. Emergency appointments are exactly what their name suggests – for patients with genuine emergencies.

Emergency appointments should not be abused and:

  • Are not a way of getting seen quicker by a GP;
  • Do not exist purely for your convenience; and
  • Are granted solely at the discretion of our GPs;

We operate a policy of mutual respect whereby our team treat all patients with respect, and in turn we expect to our patients to treat us with that same level of respect. As such, please do not try and pressurise our reception staff into making emergency appointments or ask them to circumvent the Doctor triage process.


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Abbey Family Practice is based within Bangor Health Centre on the Newtownards Road in Bangor, Co. Down. Conveniently located beside Bangor Abbey , we are a friendly and welcoming medical practice and pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of care to all of our patients.