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19 06, 2019

What medicines should I get for myself?


Prescribing of Medicines for Minor Conditions and Self-Limiting Illnesses In line with guidance from the NI Department of Health, this GP practice encourages patients to understand that there are [...]

What medicines should I get for myself?2019-06-24T21:59:26+00:00
19 06, 2019

How can my local Chemist help?


Minor Ailments Did you know Your Local Pharmacy offers free independent health advice without the need for an appointment? The Minor Ailments Service in Northern Ireland offers advice and [...]

How can my local Chemist help?2019-06-19T23:08:37+00:00
3 11, 2018

Other useful prescription info


Requesting prescriptions early or for longer duration than normal If you need your prescription issued very early or for a longer duration than usual because you are going on [...]

Other useful prescription info2019-06-19T22:43:04+00:00
3 11, 2018

When can I collect my prescription?


Acute prescriptions requested before 1:00 pm:  Available to collect same day, after 5:00 pm Acute prescriptions requested after 1:00pm:  Available to collect the following morning Repeat prescriptions:  Available to [...]

When can I collect my prescription?2019-06-19T22:46:35+00:00
3 11, 2018

Acute Prescriptions


Acute prescriptions are generally one-off or infrequent prescriptions prescribed by the doctor or pharmacist on a case by case basis. For example: Medication requests from hospital discharge letters or following [...]

Acute Prescriptions2019-06-30T18:36:53+00:00
3 11, 2018

Repeat Prescriptions


Repeat prescriptions are generally for medications that are intended to be taken on an ongoing or long-term basis.  For example: Blood pressure lowering medication Cholesterol-lowering medication Hormone replacement therapy Oral [...]

Repeat Prescriptions2019-06-30T18:38:12+00:00